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China Hsiang Fa specializes in custom Water Label applied to bottles, jars, boxes, CD, battery, cosmetics, stationery, foodstuff and more. The company was founded in 1991 and has grown to become one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of water labels in the packaging industry. To know the label size your products should use, you can send your products and we will measure it for you, making some free sample and deliver to you. Otherwise, you can go to Q&A section and use the measure tool we provide to calculate the size on your own. Please see the following pictures of some samples using the water label from us.

Water Labels Series:

PVC Water Labels for Multi- Pack
PVC Water Label for Multi- Pack
Water Labels Available with Handle
Water Labels Available with Handle
PE Water Labels for Multi- Packs
PE Water Label for Multi- Packs

Water Label For Multi-Pack
Applications of Water Labels:
Suitable for packing products together, such as beverages, stationery, foodstuff etc.

Feature of Water Label:
1. To be away humidity, dust-free, storage in refrigerator or freezer.
2. The label is durable for packing many go a single set, which is helpful for wholesale business.
3. Cost-efficient for packing and transport. It is also available in high-speed Auto machine.
4. Be able to pack any shape-wise, which the film surface also printable.
5. Category Packaging Materials and Containers
6. Sub-category Packaging Materials of Plastic

Water Label For Multi-Pack
Package by Auto Labeling MachineUsing LDPE water label roll fed
Package by manual
Using PVC//PET/OPS water label offer dir cut available with hanger

Multi-Pack PVC /PET/OPS
Multi-Pack LDPE
Thickness (min-max m/m)
500~2000 M/R
500~2000 M/R
Cut Length
Flat Width (min-max m/m)



Shrinkage  (%)

MD.: 0~5

T.D.: 45~53

MD.: 45

T.D.: 15

Print Color
1~ 8 colors
1~ 8 colors